You Remind Me

People ask,
“How do you know she’s the one?”,

I want to be honest,
Straight to the point,

I give Allah (s.w.c) all the credit,
I look straight into her eyes,

Reminding my love that Allah (s.w.c) is the best of sculptors,
Reminding her the reasons why I dare to love,

You have Khadijah’s (ra) work ethic,
You have Safiyyah’s (ra) strength,
You have Sawda’s (ra) patience,
You have Maymuna’s (ra) kindness,

You have Hind’s (ra) drive for learning,
You have Juwayriya’s (ra) piousness,
You have Ramia’s (ra) honesty,

You have Zaynab bint Jahsh’s (ra) motherly influence,
You have Zaynab bint Khuzayma’s (ra) dedication to the poor,

You have Hafsa’s (ra) memory
You have Aisha’s (ra) fear of Allah (s.w.c),

These attributes so much more,
Beauty being the last of qualities,

You bring me closer to Allah (s.w.c),
Every second of every minute,
Every hour of every day,
Every week of every month,
Every year till the day were judged,

Whether I am in class,
Walking home,
Watching a movie,
Talking with friends,
I am thinking of you,

Asking myself,
How can I make you happy today?


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