Your My Superhero

Maybe you can’t fly,
Don’t have super strength,
Can’t run the speed of light,

Your my Superhero,
The light at the end of the tunnel,
The family I never had,

You never needed to fly,
All I want is us to comfort one another,
Live in Paradise together,
Walk hand in hand,
Carry our children on my shoulders,

Superheroes erase hurt,
Take away tears,
You did that,

You reminded me,
I am strong,
I received courage,
You lit the fire in my chest,

It had been dim,
I hadn’t trusted,
Been hurt all my life,

With you,
My superhero,
We are combined steel,
Nothing in this world can separate us,

Last night,
I struggled,
Fought demons,
I cried,

Your my superhero,
Took the pain away,
Replaced it with vows,
I gave my word,
Ain’t nothing gonna’ rip us apart,

Allah (s.w.c) gave me a second chance,
Rebirth of a nation,
Justice served,

Your my Superhero,
Intended purification,
Fear Allah (s.w.c),
Walk sunnah with a tight leash,

Your eyes serve as heat rays,
Burning a hole in my chest,
Took out the decay,
Built the foundation,
Restored love,
Dead beat romantic,
I ain’t gonna’ be a dead beat father,
I’m gonna be all the time great,
Best husband and father,

Your hands cause earthquakes,
Shaking my rib-cage,
Reminding me butterflies exist,
My lungs explode out of my chest,
Wings perch from my back,
We fly together,

Your my superhero,
In more ways,
Infinity isn’t enough,
It would take decades upon decades,
To describe why your my Superhero…


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