Making Love In The Sky

Amazing from every angle,
Every angle shy from footsteps,
Imagine me standing next to you,
Dreaming of you standing next to me,

Staring into each other’s eyes,
Committment equals happiness,
Whatever you say I will do,
Hard day at work,
Rest your feet,
Starting the hot water,

Carrying you over dropped autumn leaves,
Flying over beautiful pastures,
Setting you down on the clouds,
Making love between blue and white skies,
Pillowcases holding your head.
Sunshine penetrating your complexion,
Sensations send vibrations down your spine,

Hands caress through your hair,
Winds gently brush along your inner thigh,
Feeling raindrops slide down your soft spots,
Warm temperatures climb up your neck,
Eyes roll to the back of your head,
Hands floating midair afraid of letting go,

Bodies compressed oxygen atoms,
Freedom of oppression,
Artwork crafted directed films,
90 degree twists and turns,
Karma Sutra meets cotton,
Imagination sends sensual messages,
Touching inner giants,

Making love in the sky,
Bodies causing friction,
Arched back building bridges,
Holding legs as columns,
Diving into your orchard,

Each gasp of air,
Each scratch,
Words strike,
Toes curling,
Meeting each other halfway,

As you gather up strength,
The stars wrestle,
We share solar flares,
Shooting stars,
Body wet from working overnight,
Gently kissing your back,
From your neck down all the way back up,

Kissing inner thighs,
Flipping you over,
Kissing the back of your neck,
Hands holding the edges of the clouds,
Words spelling out strength,
Lips meet pleasure,

Nights of intense sensual emotions,
We collaborate fire works,
Bodies celebrating death…


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