Last Prayer 2 God

Dear God,
I need help,
Lost my way,
Can’t figure out the difference between right and wrong,
Left or right,
Giving up,
Can’t dream,
Failed attempts,
Can’t protect,

Fearing God,
Wanting love,
Needing compassion,
Gentle touch,
Kind words,
Opposite since birth,
Holding onto His words,
Imagining His works,
Lost my creativity,

Remember all He told me,
This world,
Trusted you,
Imagine me,
How could you love someone like me?
How could you look past my scars?

Hearts are seeds,
In the ground,
Protected from the birds,
Hearts sprout,
Creatures of Dunya come to prey,

Black dots,
Clean hearts,
Depression increases with suppression,

Rapid fire of succession,
Minds held down by arms,
Youth gunned down by guns,
Children killed by bombs,
Minds find glory in war,
God gave us Jennah in peace,
Shouldn’t hurt a fly,
Should give water to stray dogs,

Burial grounds turn into child daycares,
Imagine me,
I need help,
Send word in prostration…


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