Lost Love Story: Part One

Benediction, detective, 20 questions, vindictive,
Vendetta, seductive, reluctant lies,

Easy acting, tactfully distasteful, suppressing anger,
Connecting juvenile, narcolepsy sinister, masterfully kidnapped,

Lost, transparent, sinister smiles, gravity rational,
Television national, suppressing emotion, flexible notion, depressive alcoholic,

Savior incapable, deaf obedience, minimalistic behavior, faith decreasing,
Neighborhood shooting, cancerous minds, empty stomachs, fossilized minds,

Poetic justice, Syrians poisoned, Detroit losing,
Palestinians bombed, Israeli Assassins, Burma uncovered, Indians covered,
Africans hanged, Christians slay, Eyes bleed, heart malfunctions, faulty screws, memories win,

Cry more, laugh less, dead buried, living ignorant, poetically beautiful,
Dreadfully lost, succumbed terror, kick the bucket, dark corners, fingers crooked,
Eyes gray, purple lips, wet eyes, love lost, lives taken,

Understand not, live on, buy slaves, ignore plenty, bury caskets, empty shoes, lost God,
Hatched plenty, Grey Goose, alcoholic, forgive not, middle finger,
Wish not, who knew, rather blend, long dead, plead not…


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