Throwing $ Away

When I was born,
I knew what I wanted,
Ten years later didn’t know how to get where I wanted,
By 16; found out you gotta’ go through hell and back to earn it,
Now-days; I’m ready to die if it means I don’t gotta’ fall,

We got 17 year olds with no dreams,
Green grass white picket fence kids,
Lessons to learn,
People die everyday,
Rappers throwing money away,
Girls grinding life away,
Hip Hop vixen throwing life away,

Without an education,
Making 10 dollars a day,
Going to school saves lives,
Streets lead you behinds bars,
Behind bars causes shankings,
Bikinis give herpes,
Unsafe sex leads to babies,

Life in the streets can’t make you rich,
Blood drips down the street as it rains,
Hand in hand shooting each other,
Long lost cousins burying each other,
Crazy brothers burying each other,

Black and White,
Adam and Eve,
Part of every religion,
Parents burying family,
Ancestors crying over dead family trees,
Fighting overseas, leading armies east,
What will it take for the youth to see?

Pants below knees,
Gold teeth,
White tees,
Rocks and Glock,
No one survives,
Not the victim or the shooter,
Life behind bars,

You get no relief,
You can’t take back being dead,
You only get one life to live,
What you see on the TV,
Hear on the radio,
Watch on videos,
It isn’t glamorous,
People expecting handouts,
Serving community reckoned,
Russian Roulette kills intuition,

How far are you willing to go,
Sitting next to your casket,
As I lay myself down to sleep,
Will you forget you might not wake?
Will they visit your wake?
Will they kiss you when they leave?

Imagine being at your funeral,
Watching visitors come and go,
Finding out it was your crew that set up it up,
You will die before watching the birth of your first,
You won’t be able to celebrate his 1st,
You will miss her singing debut,
Won’t be able to protect her from men,
When she gets hurt it will be your fault,
Missing father who cared about money not his daughter,

We like imagining Pac,
Making money elevates our status,
The man who sits on your park bench,
Sleeps in card board boxes,
In the eyes of God,
It is He who gives the riches,
Elevating your status,

What does it take?
To realize it is not what it seems,
Money does not equal happiness,
Death will not satisfy thirst,
No amount of money, drugs, gold chains,
No amount of ass or sex,
Women won’t clench your thirst,

Producing music,
Creating art,
Crafting masterpieces in the dark,
Going through hell and back teaches;
Money does not equal success,
Struggle is a man’s reincarnation,
Re-birth of his spirited youth…


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