Uncleanliness of Another

When you get clean, others wanna’ dirty your soul,
Your shoes off at the door,
Strangers tracking dirty Jordans,

No matter how hard you clean,
Sweep the attic, clean your closet,
They gotta’ remind you of your past absences,

Speaking nonsense, dropping 2 cents,
I didn’t ask for your charity,
It’s a rarity,
Accepting words,
Fork tongued figures,
Clarity from not accepting treachery,

The same way my sister delivers,
Preacher said it was an abomination,
Daddy figure non-existent,
Survived brutal rape,

You don’t gotta’ tell me,
When you see a brother cleaning,
Gotta’ pull em’ down with the rest,
You see yourself dirty,

My anger doesn’t spite,
My mind doesn’t ignore,
Tactical dictatorship,
You have no authority,
My fate established before your ignorance,

You spy on me,
I’m following the North Star,
Struggle brought me,
Prayer directing me,
The One on the other end protecting me,

My lineage had it written,
I pray for forgiveness,
Written in the stars,
I hear multiple shootings,
Got me bleeding tears,

Speaking of confusion,
She ain’t confused,
Waking her children,
School lunches never forgotten,

Working 9 to 5,
Picking up reason for living,
Filling empty stomachs,
Gotta work’ 6 to midnight,

Kisses her loved ones during break,
Driving midnight to 3,
Wishing she didn’t have to do it,
It didn’t have to be,
Foster home and social services keep her going,

Walking confidently,
Nothing matters,
Only them’ surviving,
Putting up the middle finger,
Speaking in vain becomes apparent,

No matter what you do,
Surviving is our struggle,
People say they aren’t afraid of death,
Suicide bombers,
Soldiers in uniform,

If you weren’t afraid of death,
Had no reason for living,
You woulda’ kicked the bucket years ago,

We all got reasons,
Seeing children walk,
Giving back to the block,
Proving to your parents,
God gave you a purpose,

No assurances,
No need for insurance,
Life holds miracles,
Twice in four years,
Two guns jammed,
Violent crime areas,
War torn battlefields,

Knowing this world cannot stop you from doing justice,
Keep clean and do not hesitate,
For other people’s uncleanliness,
Cannot distract you from fulfilling your purpose…


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