Forgive Me Last God: I Don’t Write For Ordinary People

I prayed to God asking for Him to save me,
As long as it didn’t kill me,
It made me the man I am today,

Writing out of anger,
Playing dice wasn’t true,
Truth is; God gave me His attention,
People of the world wanted all the glory,

Royal queens, Elizabeth got confused,
God is my King, King Arthur was never real,
Prince Charles has an Ego,
The world needs his Alter Ego,

Wishing I saw an angel,
Blue skies and crack pipes,
Cracks in the cement got me holding sea shells,
Listening for my son’s footsteps,
I saw my Son’s mother,

Brown eyes believe in Kingdom Come,
Words inferred Mariam every females Hero,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
All I want to do is hold you,

Worldly blessings, disguising gently,
Gentleman dressed in a suit came to visit,
Matchmaker asked Cupid for his attention,
Seeking God’s opinion,
I dream no more,
I pray everyday,
Eyes open 24/7, don’t wanna’ miss his visit,

One day ,
Dressed as the Man he died as,
His last words believe in one another,
Come together,
The world has one creator,
I felt his hand,
Embraced his arms,
Talked to the man who I love till my last days,
My last seconds, I owe my last words,
I believe in Allah (s.w.c),
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last of the best,

I pray to keep my balance,
Held my hand gently,
Tired not,
Excuse me sir,
We got different heights,
One lacks a beard,
The other correct knowledge,

When I walked hand in hand,
I talked with the rest,
One minute became life long years,
His neck the color of Caramel Gold,
Didn’t walk fast nor slow,
Glided along the earth gently so,

I was taught words got the power to be,
God listens to my words regardless of who reads,
One reader,
One listener,
It ain’t for you,
It’s for my creator,

To art in heaven,
Forgive others before answering me,
Don’t save me,
Answer my family before me,
Children are dying,
Mothers are hiding,
Brothers are thugging,
Sisters are working,
Forgive me last…


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