Testament According 2 Struggle

1 testament,
Written by the on high,
Taught us how to fly,
We are not gonna’ stop,
Your words meant as missiles,
We don’t live in glass houses,
Your trying to blow homes down,
We ain’t afraid of the big bad wolf,
Read the writing on the wall,
Write your size,
We placed an order for your casket,

This is our testament,
Immortal Technique,
Struggle our mentor,
Torn apart was initiation,
Ignited the fire,
The world’s ablaze,
No hatred can ruin it,
Our words gravitate,
Rotate and shred bulletproof vests,
These are the words single mothers use,

Older brother squeezing his younger sister’s hand,
One squeeze reciting the lord’s prayer,
2 squeezes mean run and don’t look back,
Older sister kisses her younger brother,
1 squeeze for love,
2 squeezes telling him treat all women respectfully,
A father sits in front of his son,
Sitting behind the glass,
Picking up the phone,
A wife shakes,
The phone dead weight,
Looking at a dead beat husband and father,
Memories start flooding back,
Daughter sits across her brother,
Juvenile Detention center not the same as the living room,

1 testament,
Millions of people,
1 family,
1 struggle,
Negative attention,
Attention deficit disorder I ain’t hearing you,
My sister dances,
Brother sells crack,
Mother an addict,
Father enjoys prison,
My sister wishes,
Brother dreams,
Mother forgets,
Father regrets,
My sister prays,
Brother protects,
Mother holds babies,
Father writes letters,

1 testament,
Doing it for God,
Quit if God didn’t exist,
Struggling in the shadows,
Hearing voices all around,
Sister called a hoe, @itch, slut,
Going to hell,
They hope she attracts HIV
Men speak ill against her,
They can’t get enough of her,
Fantasize about her,
Attend strip joints,
The wife never knew,

My brother called useless,
When he’s shot they act forgotten,
It was his fault,
Mothers treated as perfect creatures,
4 kids,
No Husband,
Lost father,
She’s gotta’ do what she’s gotta do,
Father an inmate,
Holocaust survivor,
People see an angry figure,
Gang member,
Hard – headed,
I see a father willing to do anything,
If death coincides with fate,
He’s alright with it,

1 testament,
1 people,
We all came from the same source,
A schism exists,
Created backlash,
My back lashed,
If you knew why I do it,
You would know why they dance,
Sell crack,
Sit behind bars,
Doing what they gotta’ do,

Watching Momma’ blue,
Dead never real,
Between playing dead,
My momma’ wasn’t playing dead,
She had been lifted,
Sent from this world,
5 and didn’t know it,
Cold like Minnesota winter in December,
Laying next to her thinking she would wake up,
Thought I would never love,

Fathers hit mothers,
Drunks forget wives ain’t punching bags,
Children get in the way protecting mothers,
A father lost his other half,
Needed a source to get out his anger,
Eyes fell upon sons,
Truck drives weren’t the same,
My father would leave this world 5 years later,
No Mother,

I watched as homeless couples lost fingers,
Cold wasn’t cold,
Hearts never felt freezer burn quite like this,
On the news you watch Palestinians fall,
Syrians poisoned,
Israelis similar to Rwanda Genocide of 1994,
Burma mass graves,
London Muslims kidnapped,
Sudan Christians killing Muslims with machetes,
Al Shabab,
Somali children killed without thought,
No affection,
Mindless action,
Kidnapping Somali youth for war,
The Twin Cities ain’t far away,

As you watch the news,
I touched the hands,
Felt the heartbeat weaken,
Buried children in small graves,
Watched as South African townships stayed the same,
19 hundreds and 2014 the same,
Kids dying from disease,
Rwanda feels the aftermath,
Kenya not alone,
Ethiopia not special,
I buried Somali children feeling bones through empty rib-cages,
Watched as HIV affected Africans die from missing medicine,
Young kids having arms chopped off,
Pirates fighting for country,
America does the same,
What is the difference?

As you watch TV,
I held women rapped by the hands of police,
Mixed babies,
Damned babies,
No fathers,
Mothers wanted abortions,
1 testament,
1 family,
Told to stop,
Your writing not Islamic,
Listening never my strong suit,
Mothers pray before going on stage,
Knees hit the floor,
Hands together,
Husbands praying,
Sisters leaning over a dead body,
Her brother bleeding out in the middle of the street,

We pray the same,
Feel the same,
Share the same testament,
1 testament,
The same game,
A different name,
Call upon God,
Muslim or not,
If you struggle upon this testament,
We dance the same,
Deal the same,
Speak the same,
I die for my testament…


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