Social Media Muslims Ain’t Muslim

Playing with words,
I had been accused,
You don’t take life seriously,
You laugh and don’t fear,
Ramadan is a joke,

I will try 2 be kind,
Declaring obligation reclusive exaggeration,
I bare-witness to my creator,
I seek forgiveness for all my past, current, and future mistakes,
My niece asks for a dollar every time I curse,
I give God my plea before I make you regret your words,

I declare war on criminals who pretend to be holy men,
I will be your worst enemy,
As a young child asks his parents to check under his bed,
I will be the monster you can’t keep away,
I will be your worst nightmare,

Nobody knows what it means,
I wish you could walk in my shoes,
Understand people depend on me,
I don’t play with words,
I make love with the birds,
I write the melody and they sing praise,
I wouldn’t be writing this,
I wouldn’t be doing what I do,
If a brother or sister could take my place,

If you knew the pain it took,
Witnessed skeleton frames hidden in your ancestor’s closet,
Watched holy matrimony perform Holy Mary,
10 years old and can’t count the days,
Been hungry since Friday,
Religious men walking to Jummah step over his body,

This is not an easy job,
Ask the men and women who protect your country,
Regardless of religion,
They are dying to keep you safe,
In the same way, I’m dying to keep you informed,
Educated and pre-meditated murder not justified,
I wish you to be educated,
So the murder of 16 year olds can’t go unnoticed,

At the same time as Palestinian children die,
We got Burma children mutually agreeing,
We got mothers and fathers begging for money in Yemen,
We got sisters being rapped in Syria,
We got muslim brothers being killed in crossfire right across the street,

Don’t forget about the country you live in,
Somali kids disappearing,
African sisters being led astray,
Muslim brothers being led by the @ss of women astray,
Two days ago, 16-year-old Muslim was shot to death in Detroit,
Gang life, bad blood, racist pigs,
It’s all the same,

You could say I play with words,
You could say I don’t take my religion seriously,
You could say Ramadan is a joke,
But in the end, I use the gift I was given to support Heaven,
I build bridges between dialogue across the seven seas,
The seven wonders of the world ask for my engravings as initials,

Your correct, I talk about sex, alcohol, and drugs,
I explain the connection between the women who you ridicule,
The young brothers who gotta’ deal crack,
Exotic dancers are mothers when they ain’t dancing,
All of these are siblings to what is happening overseas,
You just ain’t seeing it,
You would rather ignore what is happening in your backyard,
So you can use excuses to talk about what you ain’t educated about…


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