Seed of Rosa Parks

The world is tight enough,
I got a word, not the word,
I ain’t a preacher,
Don’t listen if you wanna’ hear scripture,

I’m a history scholar,
I write about horrible scenes,
Past events,
Real life quadriplegic lesions,
Wanna’ be on BET,
I wanna’ be on top of the world,
Give kids life lessons,
Need 2 know words of encouragement,

Watching teens die on battlefields,
Turning into shadows on the football field,
Basketball courts got nets,
No balls or young minds,
Got no mind,
Lost your mind,
2 Chains and future,
You got no future,

No sense of direction,
Turn the other cheek,
You got no sense of scripture,
I could holler but you wouldn’t hear me,
It takes thousands of dollars,
Dropping 20’s, popping 100’s in your waist line,
The 7 deadly sins your addiction,
Make-up your cover up,
Stripper clothes your dress down,
Afraid of wearing church clothes on Sunday,

When your momma’ dies,
Will you wear the color black?
Did you make your momma’ proud?
She’s dying and remembers you dancing,
Her son found the end of a pistol,
Did you make her proud?
More importantly,
You walk like you got class,
You got no class,
You need glasses and your vision checked,
Your spending blood money,
Your momma’ was Rosa Parks,
You turned into a hoe on a park bench,

If you wanna’ ride the bus,
Gotta’ stop riding studio gangsters stick shift,
This ain’t no overnight shift,
Got truth wrapped in your momma’s arm,
Holding value,
Pay more,
Lose more,
Wear more,
Return less,

It ain’t about STD’s,
You got 10 tours,
You’re a groupie,
You need a group,
Attend an AA meeting,
Say your name,
Reach for the stars,
It ain’t illegal,

Society telling lies,
BET shedding Civil Rights,
Dr. King would be crying,
Your daddy’s laughing,
Daddy issue or not,
We gotta’ stop Wild N’ Out,
Start praying,
Waiting for your answer,

In the meantime,
Stop dropping,
Start watching,
Stop @uc@ing,
Take a gentleman home,
You’re a seed of Rosa Parks…


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