Blunt Trauma (World History)

You speak politically,
I write destructively,
You ask correctly,
I answer honestly,

The world misunderstands,
I understand whole-heartedly,
The world invalidates,
I validate loyalty,
The world not accustomed,
I speak bluntly,

You say she can’t dance,
My love dances nightly,
You say he can’t struggle,
My love deals mightily,
You say they won’t make it,
My love survives projects,

When you wanna’ fly, your grounded,
Knowing when your high, you gotta’ fall,
Microscopic mistakes turn nuclear war-heads,
Heads of households cheat,
Stuart Little finds his alter-ego,
Sisters earn money,
A Queen labeled hoe,
Million dollar woman stars in a sex tape,
She’s called an artist,

Terroristic actions, brothers denied bail,
Racist crackers kill black children,
Badges of honor rape black women,
Fathers of black children don’t rape women,
Majority of rape accusers European,

Pardon my French,
Allergic to your @ull@hit,
Born 2 speak truth.
Gonna’ fly,
Wings of honesty,

Underage women, Chinese Children Slave labor,
Sex trade, Wiki-leaks,
Wishing leverage dead,
Powerful men plead innocent,
Innocent women please,

Under the table dealing,
Swelling needs ice and she’s crying,
Rwanda needed help,
Divine Intervention wasn’t needed,
Intercepting Machetes,
World War 2,
It was because they were African,
And not a Jewish State,
Enslaved Africans,
Gotta’ let em’ go,
Tossed in the Atlantic,

Figured slavery pays,
Businesses enslave,
New World Order,
Modern Day Slavery,
Gender gap,
No Child Left Behind,

Speak 2 me,
Gotta’ feed ego,
Go getter,
Twist my words,
I’m coming home,
Coming home,
Coming home…


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