U Know Who U R (True Love: Lesson 2 Brothers)

I had 2 write about someone special,
My future lover,
Habibi 2 be,
Who knows,
She might be the Queen 2 be,
My Queen Bee,

I think about her constantly,
Worst of all,
Other brothers speak rudely,
Expressing figure,
Physical shape and size,

I did what any normal Momma’s Boy would do,
Call my boys and have em’ running,
I’m not going to talk about your looks,
The world knows you got unmeasurable beauty,
I can’t deny,
Nothing can comprehend,
Nothing can match your portrait,

I’m going to take your insides and craft a masterpiece,
Paint you constantly,
Dance along the sidewalk,
Sketching your name in pavement squares,
I take the clouds,
Pull, stretch, craft your eyes,
Take the sky as my canvas,
I steal stars,
Planes, blimps, and satellites,
Make-shifting sunsets,
Borrowing sun-rises,

It ain’t enough to put together an analogy,
A world-renowned allegory,
Glorified poets condemn poetry,
I can’t spell talent,
The sky is limited,
Your insides our limitless,
No amount of sand can match your intelligence,
Your IQ blows the glass ceiling off charts,
Territories break treaties 2 listen 2 your words,

I remember when you forgot your words,
Uttered and stuttered,
I couldn’t help but laugh,
Furthermore, without further applause,
The distance kills me,
Were apart and I wanna’ hold you,
Pick you up and carry you over wet spots,
Hold your hand and walk you when your done working,
Order roses and send them when your on lunch break,

I wanna’ do the impossible,
Fly around the world holding you in my arms,
Visit every vacation spot,
Take you 2 the best beaches watching the sunset,
Playing footsie in the sand,
Playing with your hair,
Putting it behind your ear,
Staring in your eyes
Getting lost without caring about the world,

I’m gonna kill the next brother who speaks of your flaws,
Your flaws are flawless,
Your flaws are genuine,
Your flaws are what make you beautiful,
When you raise your voice,
Show anger,
When your sad and wanna’ eat ice cream,
Don’t understand English,
None of it matters,
I wanna’ sing you asleep,

You will become short,
Slightly overweight,
It comes with age,
Even when your 80,
I’m gonna look at you like your 16,
I’m gonna look at you regardless of age,
Your beauty ain’t about what I can see,
It is about what I can feel,

When your rib-cage opens up doors,
Your arms let me sleep in between your ribs,
When I hear your voice,
Feel your vocal chords stress syllables,
This is what it means to love regardless of age,
These long distance relationships are hard,
I write poems about the woman I love,

If I gotta’ run to the river with cans,
Borrow boats and capture water from the 7 seas,
So you could wash your body nightly,
I love you every minute of every hour,
Every hour of every day,

If I was gonna’ write a song,
If I was any ordinary brother,
I woulda’ wrote about physical attraction,
Talking about different positions,
I ain’t that man,
Your flaws make me shiver,
Your flaws are flawless,
My shivers tell me your perfect the way you are,
Flaws and all…


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