Drug Dealers, Dope Dancers, Day Dreamers

To live and die,
A religious man’s dream,
Making money a poor man’s desire,
Making love to a queen every man’s fantasy,
Finding a good man every girl’s wish,
Truthful and honest,
Integrity with an education,
Tall, dark, and handsome,
Father figure,
Tripping wires,
2 years later,
Catching the husband cheating,
Student and teacher,
Caught em’ role-playing,

Constant danger,
Being a man, contracting diseases,
Being free catching HIV,
Single father,
Best daddy of the year,
Definition of a “gangster”,
Showing up to your son’s birthday,
Watching your daughter sing,
Showing love to your woman,
Whispering, “I’ll never let you go”,

Every night a different night,
Flowers and rose petals,
Bubble bath and lingerie,
Box of chocolate,
Eating the box if the Queen’s happy,
We lost our way,
Stopped saving,
Started collecting,
No tax collectors,
Tar and feathering,
Theatrical beliefs,
Regardless of beliefs,
Talk the talk but can’t walk the walk,

I could save the page,
Writing defeating soldiers,
Seize and desist,
Having a seizure,
Search and destroy,
Keeping real people,
Losing fake players,
Daughters deserve men,
Meet her father,
Buy flowers for her mother,
Candy for her young sister,

Telling stories,
Show a dead man’s dream,
Brothers on the street serving false gods,
Living out death before living,
In prison,
Behind bars watching,
Verbally assaulting,

Told a story,
Asked a question,
“Who are the best storytellers”,
I wasn’t shocked,
Nor surprised,
Drug dealers,
Exotic dancers,
Day dreamers,
The best story tellers,
If you’re a city dweller,
White man,
Spiritual leader,
Religious fanatic,
Half past satanic,
You won’t understand,

Concrete living,
Rats running,
Cockroaches crawling,
Mothers flying kites,
Multiple lovers,
Money on the table,
Young one in detention,
Older sister cooking @hi@,
Sits on the corner dreaming,
Footsteps tracing,,
Hands whispering,
The money brings him closer to death’s invitation,

Professional dancers,
Sister escaping,
Everyone’s sleeping,
Brother passing rocks,
She’s lost walking through hell,
Asking, “why do people wanna’ see me fall”,
Dancing and stripping,
Playing games,
Picking ones,
Earning 20’s,
Keeps social services away,

Day dreamer,
Give us a chance,
Deliver us from evil,
Holy Mary,
Young brother,
He didn’t understand,
Reading comics,
Playing outside,
Fireman coming to the hydrant,
3 years later,
Stumbled into King Street. Mosque,
Running from the cops,
He didn’t steal,
Badges racial profiling black men,
The rest history…


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