Love Ain’t HIV

Showing love my disease,
Media spreading hate,
Handing out STD’s,
Caring for the homeless,
Said 2 be wreck-less,
I ain’t caring,
No non-sense,
Took my aid,
Hearing none,
Management got none,
You all are thought-less,

I don’t deserve it,
Richard the III had a castle,
But didn’t share it,
Million dollar rappers buying mansions,
Celebrities claiming bankruptcy,
Project into project,
Tearing down homes,

Caring for the voiceless,
Throwing a bone 2 the Abusers,
I’m saving victims,
Sharing hope,
Talking honesty,
Holding hands,
No touching,
Speaking without sweating,
Spreading love ain’t gender specific,
My words prolific,
Pro-life it’s up 2 the mother,

Husband sitting,
Behind bars wondering,
I’m praying for you,
Hoping you see your baby,
Holding her,

Love ain’t my disease,
I got saved,
I live, I die, I love,
Peaceful existence never my intention,
Early anticipation,
Curtain call,
Watching the woman of my dream dance,
Elegantly writing life,
Her story protruding from each hand movement,

Multiple homicide,
Killer gets a rides,
Hiding behind the badge,
Pass go, collect 200 dollars,
This @hit ain’t right,
Half past nine,
The clock strikes 12,
Throw em’ to the wolves,
Hockey masks on,

My love,
You are beautiful, yet ugly,
Predictable, but elegant,
Sensual and seductive,
I don’t know if I hate you,
Or wanna’ love you,

Creating scars,
Wrong time,
Right place,
Grocery store unlucky,
Brother needed money,
His family at home starving,

I gotta’ find the right girl,
They all got hips,
Pretty faces,
No hesitation,
They all are kisser friendly,
I ain’t half past friendly,
I don’t wanna find a friend,
I need my queen,
Relax me,
Talk with me,
Lay with me,
Close my eyes,
I’m stressing,

We gotta’ care,
Brothers behind bars,
Sisters dancing poles,
Children without homes,
16 years old, carrying HIV…


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