Black Is Beautiful White Homicidal

Nothing but games,
Left or right,
Falling behind or taking the lead,
I love life,
The wasting of a life,
Choosing the lesser of two evils,
People ignorantly tweet,
“You ain’t a believer in God”,

When I walk,
I walk alone,
No one beside me,
Nor in front of me,
If anything,
Your behind me,

I walk as if today was my last day,
Yesterday was a lucky day,
Tomorrow will never be my day,
Reading the obituaries daily,
Morning reminder,
Roof over my head a privilege,
Mothers burying sons daily,

Truth told,
Life got us on a dog leash,
Controlling fate,
Rotating decisions mentally,
Breaking free the only dream,
16 years old worshipping Lebron,
Basketball a kids only way out,
Lied since birth,
Told strength over brains,
Forgotten heroes,
Past generations,

Malcolm X not a player,
Man of integrity,
Protecting family,
Steve Biko,
Men sent to prison,
Freeing their country,
Harriet Tubman,
Frederick Douglas,
Dr. King,
Huey Newton,
Modern day slavery didn’t sit with em’,

During the old days,
Pardon my french,
I would be called a “nigger lover”,
By every cracker,
History taught me never concede,
Brotherhood breaks barriers,
Jackie Robinson I respect,
Moses Fleetwood broke it first,

Walking I learned,
Regardless of what she wears,
Booty shorts,
Short skirt,
Nothing underneath,
The Women’s Suffrage Movement was a disgrace,
The color White became a sign representing Angels,
Dictionary definition,
The existence of anything not Black,

In regards,
With all due respect,
I was in prison,
A life sentence,
Public Enemy,
Black Panthers,
America would be nothing without Slave Labor,
The Atlantic pet cemetery,
I prayed retribution,
Called the White House not the Black House,
It was built by Blacks,
Pain, blood, and whipped,
Chairs filled by stockings and wigs,

I walked a long way,
Visited mothers of addiction,
Abuse victims and the homeless,
Exotic dancers never quitting,
Children dying,
Men acquiring HIV,
Taught lessons repeatedly,
Everyone said the same,
Black is beautiful,
The existence of everything not White,

A definition reversed,
White being hell,

Walking this road,
I witnessed Queens liberating people,
Natural beauty no chemicals,
Skin shining off the sun,
Gold plated tectonics,
Princess learned from Mother,
You don’t gotta’ be a hoe,
To be treated as a Queen,
By a King,
Who will help you have a prince,

I crossed war paths with veterans,
Killers and maniacs,
Crazy men,
Women hearing voices,
Ate dinner out of cans,
Learned from the best,
Ignored by the rest,
Witnessing death,
Product of my environment,
Came close to death,
Mom and Pops addicts,
Taken care of by women,
Sister acted as mother,

Life lesson,
Being real,
One tragedy,
Fake people talk of travesty,
Spirituality broken,
God doesn’t pick sides,
He forgives,
Take notice,
Write notes,

Natural hair,
Let it loose,
No surgery,
Inside and out,

You speak sins,
I love life,
You speak sides,
I love Queens,
You utter traitor,
I love brothers,
You speak color,
I love Black,
Reverse Oreo,
I gotta’ go back to the Ghetto…


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