Jumping The Bridge

Dedicated to all the youth victims by suicide.

Honesty is a heavy compromise,
Compromising my integrity,
Comparable to letting you go,

Honorably the most regretful decision,
I choose to defy logic,

To fly without proof,
Skipping breakfast and evidences,

You ran away,
Turned your back

I was saving you from the rest,
You deserved the best,

A man who never respects,
Thinks of you as a bedroom object,
Never listens to your words,

You deserved the best,
I heard you cry without seeing tears,

You are the depiction of flaws,
Every flaw of yours is beautiful,

Mis-spelled words,
Annoying gestures,
Correct all the time,
You drove me crazy,

When love is lop-sided,
Energy spent is energy wasted,
Honesty provided backfires,

Honorable discharge,
Charge this world with murder,

No bulletproof vests,
Mountain wielding swords,
Bulletproof neck,
Craving trials and juries,

Hatred of cupid and the Angels,
Lay-overs in the airport thinking of you,

After leaving,
No replacement can fill your shoes,

I hold her hips,
Feel her lips against mine,
Eyes staring back into hollow sockets,

No matter how good she looks,
Legs long,
A waist to hypnotize,
No matter how far she drops it,

She can’t cook the same way as you could kiss,
She can’t make love the same as you held us together,

As airways fill with passion,
Choose between you, her, or this,

I want happiness,
Eyes heavy,

No silk stockings, lingerie,
Beautiful tattoos in beautiful places,

No demeanor or allegory,
An allergic reaction to missing you,

She changed her hair color,
Wore mascara,
Applied magnificent colored lipstick,

She could perform the best positions,
Left her last man,
I ain’t gonna make her choose,
She ain’t confused,

My rib-cage craves your fingertips,
My neck needs your love,
My mind wishes for warmth,

Happiness ain’t love,
The feeling of lonesome and lonely are heavy,

You may never come back,
You moved on without saying good-bye,

Before I forget you,
No one can replace you….

I trusted God and both of you left,
Historians say,
The past repeats itself,

No matter what she does,
She investigates underwater caves,
Undercover investigations,

Past mistakes,
Horrible decisions,
The day we met,
Was the day I was gonna’ jump,

Our eyes met,
You looked at me before I saw you,
I looked into your eyes after you searched my chest,

Who knew I would jump years later…


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