The Woman of My Dreams

To my future,
To the girl who will steal my vision,
I would like you to understand what I want verse what I need,

Be educated about sneakers,
Know your sports,
If you utter,
“Are Converse a team”,
“What are Jordan’s”,
It is over,

If we run out of clean clothes,
The washer is spinning,
Feel comfortable,
Wear basketball shorts,

No promiscuity,
If your with me,
No need to show others what they are missing,

Dream, wish, act,
Sing, dance, shout,
Be what you wanted to be when you were a child,

Strive, sweat, work,
Inspire to be an actress,
Lawyer, doctor,
Discover the cure for cancer,

Be intelligent,
Use your intellect,
Crave hunger,
Want less,

Be crazy,
Laundry Room,
Living Room,
Corner of the house,

Squeeze sunshine,
Capture the moon,
Hold perfection in the palm of your hand,
Slingshot yourself through the earth’s atmosphere,
Be the first to fly around the earth without wings,

Steal children paint, color crayons,
Draw figure eights,
Stick figures,
Be the dancer you dreamed of being,

Smile not frown,
Use the muscles in your body carefully,
Grind, bump into things,
Make mistakes,
Opposites attract,

If you ask,
Watching the sunrise,
Your skin reflects each ray and complexion,
Picnic’s and chocolate covered strawberries,

Out of seriousness,
Long hair,
Work it,

So the last part,
Do you think looks will last forever?

With age comes wrinkles,
Memory loss,
Gray hair,
Arched back,

A woman who is beautiful inside and out,
Modestly moderate,
Desires kids,
Not automatic strippers birthed from rebels at 16,

She is a gift from God,
A creation molded out of perfect architecture,
An artist who carefully handcrafted each edge,
I need His final product…


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