I Live For Who I Write For (2 All The Abused Women, Hungry Children & African American Youth)

A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of you,
You are my signature,
My parchment,
Pen held tightly, sometimes loosely,

I loosen your buttons,
You drive me crazy,
Teasing me,
Playing with my emotions,

I Watch as pedestrians ignore you,
You stare at the cracks in the sidewalk,
I feel the scars, cracks, creases in your face,
The tears you cry every night run down your cheek,

As you eat out of trash bins,
Getting sick every winter,
Losing toes and fingers,
Teeth falling out due to cavities,

Young black men getting shot daily,
Racism teaching cops it is alright to kill young black men,
The phrase cop killer is not about cops die-ing,
It is about cops killing,

I cry when I think of you,
The single mothers putting on stripper boots,
Having to shake their @ss to make money,
Feeding children with dirty money,
Walking streetlights receiving blood money,

Women who work 3 jobs,
Morning to 5, evening,
After hour specials, 50 dollars for head,
100 dollars if you don’t need protection,

She opens her mouth, legs, gets on top,
She wants to leave this world,
Cries every night when children go to bed,

Her eye-liner,
Make-up a mess,
Stockings ripped,
Skirt ripped,
Soul broken

We live in a world that is controlled by the few,
The majority die in hunger,
Rape occurs everyday,
The badge supposed to uphold justice,
They are busy pulling up their pants,

Young men holding pistols,
Fathers behind bars holding issues,
Got 3 young brothers,
2 young sisters,
Man of the house,
Needs to help his mother,

He knows she is busy working late,
Saw the signs,
High heels, dollar bills,
Different man every night,

Got the best grades in school,
Honor roll, chess club, reads,
Dick and Jane,
White Folks can’t imagine his IQ,
Lives in poverty,
Not afraid to die,

No jobs, Obama isn’t black,
Hustling is the only way,

Putting siblings through school,
Catholic education,
Baptist ministry,
Believes in God,
Prays every night God will visit,
Visitation hours 24/7,

Days, nights, hours, minutes,
I never stop thinking about you,

Children hiding under bridges,
Hands held by the fire,
Dirty clothes, hair braided up,
Not bundled up,

Nails polished by pollution,
One sister and her brother,
Parents died last winter,
Every night visits the soup kitchen,
Gathers sweets from the dumpster behind the eatery,

Homeless youth,
Gun violence,
Battered women,
Overseas bombs dropped,
The dropped promise,
Upholding violence condemning reaction,

I love you,
You’re the reason why I write everyday,
The reason why I fight everyday,

Yes, it is graphic,
Demographics prove Black women get paid less,
White Women the only race that won from Women’s Suffrage,

Speaking of graphic,

Tell me I ain’t Muslim,
Tell me I give excuses for those who deserve equality,
Tell me I give excuses to those who deserve a voice,

As women dream of being married,
Holding a steady job,
Having her babies attend religious schools,
Private schools,
Not public school,

She is busy sticking a needle in her arm,
Busy being manhandled by men with no honor,

The same outcome but different situation,
American Troops rape civilians overseas,

I love because I write for who I love,

When a dirty cop rips her Nylons,
Blackmails the mother so she can’t get away,

I cry knowing we got religious figures not understanding,

You know your Quran, Bible, Torah,
You got money, a roof over your head,
Food on the table,
Got nothing to worry about,
Everyday you speak of trusting God,

The people I love,
They are busy surviving,
They are soldiers,
They got families,
Witnessing the bottom of the bottom,

Put yourself in their shoes,
You are being touched by dirty hands,
Go to jail or gotta’ go down,
Your belief in God dug itself deep down,

I love who I write for,
I write for who I love….


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