The last time I danced the night away, I got lost holding children,
Young eyes squinted down glasses looking future grasping,
Figure skating, mothers dance honeybee melody moon creating craters,

Wrecking havoc, the earth creating tsunamis and earthquakes,
I witnessed fathers holding metal bars praying,
Children holding pistols wishing,

Who to say, I ain’t spelling something beautiful?
Drawing temples witnessing pyramids lifting,
Egyptians carrying inscription, hieroglyphics witnessing beautiful Somali’s

Some choose whistling as an education, long legs creating frivolous seduction,
Leagues of corruption, beautiful synopsis attained partial synapses,
Beautiful seduction, pretty pictures, child learning disabilities scribble masterpieces,

Witnessing liabilities laid by the masters,
Pretty little liars, TV Show burning crosses graveyard visiting,
Children of the slaves witnessed unsung heroes rising from the ashes,

Gorgeous insecurities, irregularity combined intellect,
MLK visiting, Black History Month deserved an extra holiday,
Jump Rope girls detail the rules of engagement,

Witnessing wishing worldwide walking worldly waking,
Child soldiers grow mercilessly holding fear forever crying nightly,
Beautiful savages picking flowers forever dreaming,

Beautifully drawn recollections collecting creation caressing soft safety measures,
Young sons mask in-depth horizons encounter intelligent encampment,
Red tapping lining project housing condemned Oakland distributed death certificates of sons,

Through the tough times, guns comfort ghetto soldiers deserve the comfort of mothers,
Shaken drilled grilled, well done stuck stakes in the veins of mothers,

Periodic tables created elements forcibly ironic disaster,
Guns, drugs, and violence ain’t ready for the battle of wits against a baby’s mother,

Injustice ain’t pretty, beautiful resilience broken bones heal future tenses,
Sorrow tears into laughter,

Ugly sweater days, Christmas Christian December,
Black History received the shortest month,

Detailing the forgotten, tradition systematic erased oppression,
Opposites attract decorating soldiers lone survivors bringing subtle hints to our conscienceless attempts…


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