You say you ain’t going no where,
Understand how I feel,
Everytime emotions get high,
Arguing over the stupidest shit,

Can’t talk without one of us,
Telling the other to shut-up,
This isn’t a cover-up,

Don’t ever leave me,
Through the highs and lows,
Remember our marriage vows,
They gotta’ mean something,

All I ask is why me,
Out of all the other men,
Athletic; 6 pack abs,
How come I won the lottery,

You could of ran,
Once you found out,
I was broken,
Beyond repair,

Institutionalized twice,
Attempted suicide thrice,
Became a walking pharmacy,
Can’t practice Islam fully,

Instead of running,
You held my hand,
Promised to never leave,
Both Jekyll and Hyde,

Don’t know anybody,
In this world,
Who is as loyal,
As you,


What Is Love

Two things you need to be aware of; this poem has stanzas in both English and Spanish. Also, I have combined several lines from other poems and put them in my own poem. Some of the lines are from famous writers you may know other lines were found online (posted by anonymous people)

Let me talk to you with your silence,
Bright as a lamp,
Simple as a ring,
You are like the night,
Your silence is that of a star,
Remote and candid

Déjame que te hable también con tu silencio claro como una lámpara, simple como un anillo. Eres como la noche, callada y constelada. Tu silencio es de estrella, tan lejano y sencillo.

Never have I been this drunk,
From your kisses,
Our wet bodies wedged,
Laying on a boat made out of flowers,
Guided fingers,
Sky’s hot rim,
Day’s last breath,
In our sails,

Ebrio de trementina y largos besos,
estival, el velero de las rosas dirijo,
torcido hacia la muerte del delgado dia,
cimentado en el solido frenesi marino.

Palido y amarrado a mi agua devorante
cruzo en el agrio olor del clima descubierto,
aun vestido de gris y sonidos amargos,
y una cimera triste de abandonada espuma.

Slow down,
Have you ever just watched her undress?
Pick her up,
Sit her on your lap.

It’s not about making her scream,
It’s not about making her forget to breathe.

Let her ride.
Go deeper,

So deep inside of her,
I came from out of her thoughts,
My hands all over those flawless contours.
Escaping your cramped depths,
Rough roaming fingertips,

Fucked her so good,
Her thoughts no longer existed,
She started speaking in tongues.

Yo te he nombrado reina,
Hay más altas que tú, más altas,
Hay más puras que tú, más puras,
Hay más bellas que tú, hay más bellas,
Pero tú eres la reina,

Named you queen,
There are taller ones than you, taller,
There are purer ones than you, purer,
There are lovelier than you, lovelier,
But you are the queen,

Nine Lines

Cheesy lines cause me to smile,
My wife is sweeter than Ice Cream,
Better yet,
She’s more like dark chocolate,
Love it when she melts,
Because it means,
I can lick her up and down,
Even though I can’t speak,
Her language,

Fuck Politics Let Us Have A Conversation

I’m going piss off a lot of people,
Some will act a little bitchy,
A few will be like ‘you can’t say that’,
‘Queer is hurtful’,

My response,
Are you aware of a journal called Queer,
Or a feminist magazine called BITCH,

Let us discuss racism,
Let us discuss sexism,
Let us discuss gun control,
Let us discuss gay marriage,

Every topic skewed,
Can’t bring it up,
Without religion being involved,
Christians and Muslims quoting from holy scriptures,

You don’t need a holy book to tell you,
That a civilian carrying a rifle in public,
Is a bit extreme,
Nothing is wrong with conceal and carry,
As long as police aren’t racist,
If white males can conceal and carry,
So can minorities,

If you need statistics,
White males shouldn’t be allowed to buy or carry a gun,
Majority of terror attacks on U.S soil,
Are carried out by White males,

Why the fuck are you against gay marriage,
How does two dudes fucking,
Two girls sexing,
Fuck with your life,

Are you peeking through them’ curtains,
Do you see queers saying,
Heterosexual sex should be outlawed?

Doesn’t matter what scripture you read,
It was scripted by straight men,
If we are going to be honest,
All White people are racist,
You can’t deny the system known as capitalism,
Has benefited you,

Can’t use the excuse,
I got 1 black friend,
Why did you get a fake tan?

You would rather live in an all white neighborhood,
Compared to South Side Chicago,
As long as we are on an -ism,
How about sexism,
Women paid less than men,
Black women paid less than White women,

Women half naked,
Hip Hop video vixens,
Men like the way they move,
How come we expect Black women,
To have a PhD in Twerking,
Instead of Chemistry?

Call me cynical,
But this shit,
Is fucked up,

‘Be Quiet’

Imagine hearing 6+ voices (the minimum) all at once,
No chance for a coffee break,
Can’t run away,
In hopes of ‘losing them’,

Fact is; they always catch up,
Like in bad horror movies,
Where the blonde woman,
Trips over a fallen tree branch,
Only for the killer to be right behind her,

When I tell you to be quiet,
It isn’t because I don’t love you,
Nor because I don’t like you,
Rather, it is because all the voices,
Are just too much,

Getting to the point of confusing,
Realty with fiction,
Is your voice real?
Does that mean their voices are real?
Who do I listen to?

Don’t mistake me for being moody,
Or angry,
It is a combination of schizoaffective,
And borderline personality disorder,
To me; both of them are just part of my day,

Facts might help,
So lets straighten this mess out,

1: when I wake up in the morning,
I see two things,
My lover and the creature from Bedeviled,

2: I do become angry easily,
As well as sad,
That is because my highs are high,
And my lows are low,
With no in-between,

3: When we travel,
Visit familiar homes (like family),
I see Jinn (spirits/demons),
They sit across from me,
Sometimes next to me,

4: Imagine being followed,
Everywhere you go,
Having to look all around,
Sometimes triple checking,
If he or she is a fictitious entity,

Facts aren’t great,
If you felt what I felt,
That would be amazing,
But sad,
Wouldn’t want this on anyone,

5: They touch,
Are dirty,
Sometimes seductive,

Talk terribly,
Not nice at all,
Rather savagely,
Attacking my character,
My well-being,

A day in the life of,
Well, me,
Would be horrifying,
I wouldn’t wish it,
On anybody,

Help Me Bae

Oh Ma’, Oh My God,
We don’t speak the same language,
No need for a translation,

All I need is to read your body language,
Can tell by the way you sit,
With one foot touching mine,
Brown sugar thighs visible to the naked eye,
How you smile with a smirk,
From the West to the East,
Chocolate colored eyes,
Staring into my soul,

It is clear we love one another,
Ever since the first time we met,
You ran them’ hands through my curly hair,
Couldn’t believe how many knots you had to untangle,
Sat on the floor in front of you,
Brought both of us back to those childhood days,
Sitting in front of our sister or mother,
Had to fix our hair so it doesn’t look rachet,

Oh Ma’, Oh My God,
We don’t speak the same language,
No need for a translation,

Remember Singapore,
After one or two lies,
Jumped on a plane to meet me,
Ate dinner at the Arab cafe down the street,
2 blocks away from our hotel,
Couldn’t keep my eyes off ya’,
Imagining what was under,
Spent too much money,
You saved me,

Sweet Momma’,
Sons of Anarchy,
Help me raise some hell,
Life should be interesting,
Next time somebody asks,
Just tell them.
Your husband is Constantine,
Able to perform exorcisms,
Thanks to being Skitzo,

Oh Ma’, Oh My God,
We don’t speak the same language,
No need for a translation,